Writing an about page for blogs

Here is something I dreaded – writing the about page for my blog.

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A few months earlier I looked at some established copywriters websites and found their about pages made them stand out as much as much as their work. I particularly liked the ones that made me feel like I know them, thus perfecting some sort of amazing art of being personal, without being personal at all.

I guess the one thing to mention before we dive in is that there is a difference in writing an about me page for a blog vs a business. I am not yet at the business stage, so I will focus mostly on the blog. And of course myself!

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What is my voice in the about page?
A lot of the resources I read recommend using first person tense. It works. Writing in third person can sound too stuck up, boring and robotic. So I decided to be conversational. At the end of the day, I am talking about me! The audience wants to know I am human, they want to know what I am like. It’s important to show personality, be open, cheery. My advice would be to go back over what you have written for your about page and re-write it as if you are having a chat with someone. That’s exactly what I did!

How do I start this about me thang?
The first paragraph is always the most difficult. I don’t know how to start, what to focus on (me or the blog), talking about me is just too hard! 

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Copywriter Susan Green shares some tips here. I founds this very helpful when thinking about what to include in my about page, but found it also a little much for my purpose and more suited to selling or offering something.  But definitely one to keep in the back pocket for later. 
I decided to begin my about page with the simple intro of “I am Sandra”.  Rose had suggested a number of bloggers to check out and I really identified with Dave from Work Notes and decided to copy his intro of “I am, etc”. When I read it, it felt as though I was actually talking to someone new, someone friendly and authentic. Someone able to introduce themselves and tell me who they are and what their blog is about. I loved that!  I wanted my intro to have the same feel and I think I have achieved it.

A picture really is worth a thousand about me words
I must admit, I used a picture that’s  now a few years old and I’d love to have a funky new picture with my dog. But I figured having a picture is better than no picture when it comes to constructing the about me page. It’s important for the audience to be able to see the writer, regardless how old the picture is. Hmm maybe don’t use a picture from kindergarten. The picture and about me blurb will help your audience build a persona in their head, it will build trust and a connection.

To recap my experience and findings, here are a few things to follow for a blog about page

  • Keep it simple, less is more

  • Give a little detail about yourself (but don’t go off writing a Stephen King novel, a sentence or two is enough)

  • Acknowledge the readers pain point, if possible add some emotion

  • Explain how your blog will help them with this pain point

Below are some of the websites I found very helpful when writing mine, so please do read. Enjoy writing about yourself!

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