Little ways to work out your dos and don'ts

Here I was ready and eager to work on my first goal – the type of copy I want/ don’t want to write. Armed with a cup of tea and my purring laptop I sat there paralysed! Us humans sometimes struggle with simple tasks. The world has become fast, on the go and when we do have a moment to answer a simple question, we get a brain freeze.

What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail?
What would you do? Kristina Karlsson’s book Your Dream Life Starts Here is something I recommend to anyone stuck in a rut. If you haven’t read it, please do yourself a favour and get into it. It will help you to dream and work out what it is you want to do next in life. It also provides helpful tips to reach those dreams. Kristina asks the right questions to get us thinking about what is important in our life. 

What stuck with me the most in the book is how difficult it is to write down your dreams. Kristina asks ‘What would you do if you had all the money, time, skill, etc in the world?' Seems like a simple question but it’s very difficult to let go off limitations. I have since attended the Dream Life workshops and practiced this, so I put myself in that mind frame. I stopped thinking of my skillset, time and other factors. Instead I scribbled on a piece of paper what type of copy I would love to write. Then I thought of the industries and topics I like.

This made it a lot easier. Be warned, your thoughts will stray ‘Hey pal, you got no experience or knowledge in this area, you can’t do this’. But like I did, make sure to kick those lil’ suckers aside. This exercise is about the end goal - what it is that you want to write about and in what format. Everything else, comes later.

You have your dos, what now?
I sent a neater version of my scribbles to Rose and we discussed this a little further. My next goal was to research copywriters and methods/styles of copy.  Rose gave me a bunch of copywriters to check out as well as some other helpful sites.

I am currently going through the list. Definitely have my favourites! But what I found helpful was reading their websites first. This shows you how they advertise themselves. It gives an insight into their personality.  It might show their values, what they offer and what sets them apart. I asked myself if any of resonated with me. Then I read their copy to see what type of voice they have and which appeals to me the most.

Be careful of those don’ts
Through this process I also worked out that I couldn’t write for a client that does not share my values. It's important to know your values and what you will not compromise on. To give an example, I value sustainability. I wouldn’t write for a company producing mountains of single use plastic.  But, I would write for an air conditioning company giving out Keep Cups to their employees and clients. This is not to say producing countless air conditioning units is sustainable, however the demand will not die and if the company is at least doing what they can, I respect that.

Next week I will explore the list of copywriters I have been looking into and share my favourites. This week I ask you to get your coloured pens and paper and scribble away without limitations! Be bold and free! Imagine a world in which you can do anything. Forget about whether you got the skills, time, money and work out what you would do and what you would absolutely avoid!

Scribble away!

Scribble away!

Researching copywriters - here’s what I found

Are you ready to begin?