Researching copywriters - here’s what I found

Back in the day we did research via books, out in the field, talking to people. We are lucky to be living in a world where information is  readily available. Whilst I don’t always see eye to eye with technology, I do love Mr Google.

Know where you’re going
Researching any topic has never been so easy, or beneficial. Some people prefer to go with the flow, others like me prefer the comfort of a good plan. Either way, when embarking on a new journey it’s important to know where you are going. Also...what you will be doing (even if it is a very loose strategy).

Looking at other copywriters is helping me get to know;
1. the industry
2. the copywriters
3. their stories

Get to know the industry
Which businesses tend to use copywriters the most and for what purpose. Start exploring what sells and how. Work out the type of copy that resonates with you. Research the methods used to write them. What are the techniques? What are best practices? What are the common mistakes and how to avoid those. This will help shape your copy and your voice.

Most copywriters offer free tips and tricks. Be sure to grab those! I have created a copywriting folder in my email inbox to store these. Whilst I don’t read every single one, the information is handy to have when needed.


Get to know the people
What I have gathered so far is that copywriters are a nice bunch eager to help. There are many great sources and groups that can help along the way. I haven’t yet joined communities, but in a short while I will be ready to mingle!

Based on my research and learnings I can suggest the following copywriters to look at;

· Rose Crompton – Obviously. She’s amazing! Rose is selflessly spending time and energy helping me reach my goals. I worked with Rose in my last job and know how wonderful she is. Rose knows how to extract the important parts about a client and help them grow their business. She’s wicked with words and listens to metal. Can’t get better than that!

· Lauren Vanessa Zink – I love everything about her! She is witty, sassy and so is her copy. She has a range of different clients but gives each the same attention. Lauren takes the essence of her clients and puts this into words in a very personal way each time. Oh, and her website is ahmazing!

· Kelly Dunning – Great copywriter. Also her story of becoming a freelance writer is very relatable and gave me a confidence boost, like “yeah! I can do this!”

· Bonus – Kate Toon and Belinda Weaver. These two have a great podcast called ‘Hot Copy’ which I started listening to a while ago. They’re both copywriters in Australia. They offer a bunch of stuff including podcasts, helpful daily tips, copywriting schools and more!

Take away the good stuff
The win from this exercise has been the fact that I was able to look at other stories. How others came to be successful freelance writers and where they started. I love the story of Kelly Dunning and the way she pursued her dream of travel by becoming a freelance writer. I also loved Belinda Weaver’s story of pursuing a career change whilst still working a full-time job. It's not an easy task. But with the right attitude and work ethic it can be done and done well! Ensure to take away something from this research, be it inspiration, motivation or just an enjoyable read.

This week I ask you to do one simple thing – use the above to start researching copywriters and their work. Find someone you like, identify with or admire. Use their writing and story to motivate you to do one thing towards your copywriting journey. Whether it’s starting a Udemy course, reading a bunch of copy, or scribbling in your journal.


Before I sign off, I gotta mention my blog is late this week. Doh! I learnt a very valuable lesson about over committing.  So naturally my next topic will be time management, commitment and such!

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