Are you ready to begin?

Ok, so if you’re anything like me, by now you have made up your mind. You've decided to become a copywriter. You have started where any smart person would – with Google. Whilst most days Google is a close friend of mine, the abundance of information can sometimes become overwhelming. The internet has made education available to us at all times. Whilst this is brilliant in a way, drowning in a sea of online schooling was starting to fill me with dread!

I had listened to a podcast with Eleanor Goold, a copywriter from the UK, where she talked a bout branding and being authentic. It resonated with me. I found her on LinkedIn and decided to ask for advice. These are the points she suggested;

·       Get a client behind you – it will boost your confidence and give you experience

·       Taking lots of courses will not benefit you unless you get a chance to put what you learn into practice

·       Start thinking about processes and systems you need to have in place for when you do get a client

·       If you know any copywriters, get in touch with them. Most people are always willing to help and will be able to give you some small pieces of work

·       Start a blog – it’s a great way to start and showcase your work

Her points made a lot of sense and I was very grateful for the advice. The two things that stuck out the most were to contact a copywriter I know and start a blog. And here we are!

As per my intro blog, I have a brilliant copywriter helping me along my journey. The first topic we discussed was how overwhelming it is trying to make sense of where to begin. The outcome of our first discussion was putting smaller goals into place. This means there is some structure to the madness!

Here are my first three goals;

1.       Look at what type of copy I want/ don’t want to write

2.       Read about/ practice styles and methods of the type of copy I like

3.       Practice using example briefs

It is also important to add dates to your goals. Be realistic and give yourself enough time. Having unrealistic expectations of ourselves can set us up for failure and ain’t nobody got time for dat!

In the next blog I will start discussing the goals in more detail, but for now I would like to highlight the need to seek help. Asking Eleanor for advice was the push I needed to contact Rose. Contacting her has given me motivation to start this blog.

So that is my advice for this week - if there is a writer you admire, contact them! The worst they can do is say no!

Little ways to work out your dos and don'ts

Who else is keen on a journey?